157 - Jonas from Blackbird Cigars interview TPE21


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We talk to Jonas Santana of Blackbird Cigars from TPE21. Check out Blackbird Cigars online at https://blackbirdcigar.com

Jonas has music videos you can find under his music name Jontana. The one he shares with us is called Cuales Son. Find it on YouTube under JontanaRD - Cuales Son ft. ELTALMiCKEY (https://youtu.be/3Whv6--wgfQ)

Check it out! Really good!

Blackbird cigars are great smokes. Finch, Cuco, Crow, Jackdaw, Rook and Unkind. Jonas is fun to be around and always doing something. He shares his musical talents with us free style as well as his latest music video. We talk about how UnKind got it's name, Elvis, Cigar Factories, Jonas' history with cigar manufacturing. We also get a drop by from Nick and Gator of the Cigar Pulpet. We thank Jonas for the rum and fun time we had.

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