Ep. #157 - The Mystery of God w/ Denys Turner


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The Classical Theism Podcast aims to defend Catholic Christian ideas in conversation. With the help of various guests, I defend three pillars of the Catholic Christian worldview: (1) the God of classical theism exists, (2) Jesus is our Messiah and Lord, and (3) He founded the Catholic Church. We place a strong emphasis on the first pillar, defending classical theism, drawing upon the work of Thomistic philosopher Dr. Edward Feser and many others.

How did Dr. Turner become acquainted with Fr. Herbert McCabe? Why does he criticize the free will defense? How is the thought of Julian of Norwich relevant to the problem of evil? How does he understand "prayer" and "the darkness of God"? If God is a mystery, then how can we pray to him? Dr. Denys Turner joins us to discuss these topics and more as we consider his book God, Mystery, and Mystification.

John DeRosa


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