S2E10: Digital Marketing Strategy 101 | Denisse Diaz | Colombian in the UK


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Denisse Diaz, an experienced Colombian marketing director based in London, sheds some light on how to hone your digital marketing strategy.

It’s never too late to start!

Denisse’s four marketing basics will get you started without getting you overwhelmed. She also explains something perplexing for some small businesses: How to sell without being “salesy”.


00:00 Intro

01:11 London: A Second Home

03:05 Marriage: Keeping Your Name

06:00 Full-time Job vs Side Hustle

08:42 Four Steps of Digital Marketing

12:03 Niche: Prioritize and Evolve

14:21 Sell Without Being "Salesy"

16:38 Keep Your Brand Story Consistent

18:41 Don't Ignore Your Existing Customers

20:09 Latino Mentors Save You Time

22:17 How to Contact Denisse

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