10 Essential Steps to Hybrid Multicloud IT


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In this special full-length Tech Barometer segment, Nutanix CIO Wendy M. Pfeiffer shares lessons learned from leading a significant shift to next-generation cloud technologies. Her team transformed IT operations by fusing hybrid multicloud capabilities, including hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), with automation powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Below are individual podcast segments for each of Pfeiffer’s 10 steps to cloud:

Step 1: Define New Infrastructure Standards

Step 2: Create a Flexible Foundation

Step 3: Establish Infrastructure Purpose-Built for the Cloud

Step 4: Focus on the User Experience

Step 5: Institute Autonomous IT

Step 6: Augment IT Skills with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Step 7: Measure Success By Delighting IT Users

Step 8: Monitor Customer Satisfaction Results

Step 9: Validate the Business Case with ROI Metrics

Step 10: Adopt an Attitude of Continuous Improvement

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