What Icons Can Tell You About Yourself


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Icons beautifully adorn our churches and homes. But make no mistake about it, their purpose is spiritual. Icons can be both windows into heaven—means of a spiritual encounter and dialogue. At the same time, they can be mirrors reflecting holy characteristics present in you. Listen to Richaél Lucero identify common features in iconography. You'll learn what icons can tell you about yourself. Show notes: —DONATE! Become a patron. You’ll received exclusive merchandise and resources: www.patreon.com/clumsytheosis —Email list sign up. In the weekly email you’ll have the most recent episode and additional resources conveniently available in your inbox: eepurl.com/gItxjH —Episodes referenced: -Learn about the Holy Spirit with these three episodes. -What Is Baptism of the Holy Spirit-https://clumsytheosis.net/2020/06/05/what-is-baptism-of-the-spirit/ -7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of Heaven part 1-https://clumsytheosis.net/2018/06/16/7-gifts-of-the-holy-spirit-and-the-kingdom-of-heaven-part-1-of-2/ -7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of Heaven part 2-https://clumsytheosis.net/2018/06/25/7-gifts-of-the-holy-spirit-and-the-kingdom-of-heaven-part-2-of-2/ -Listen to the Beatitude Series here. -Intro-https://clumsytheosis.net/2020/02/28/beatitudes-introduction/ -Part 1-https://clumsytheosis.net/2020/03/14/beatitudes-and-imitating-christ/ -Part 2-https://clumsytheosis.net/2020/03/21/beatitudes-and-imitating-christ-part-2-of-3/ -Part 3-https://clumsytheosis.net/2020/03/31/beatitudes-and-imitating-christ-part-3-of-3/ Follow me on SOCIAL MEDIA! Instagram— www.instagram.com/clumsytheosis/ Twitter— twitter.com/ClumsyTheosis Facebook— www.facebook.com/clumsytheosis VISIT MY WEBSITE: www.clumsytheosis.net

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