Complete Confidence. (Being Present, Pt. 2)


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Episode 122 (03/10/21): Each day, we encounter hurt, heartbreaks, insecurities, and fears… In our fear? We fight. In the fight? We doubt. In our doubt? We run. We all long to have a confidence that our days & pursuits are not in vain. May we not run away from our Creator, Savior, and Sustainer… Heavy heart, may we not settle for less than complete confidence in the One who holds all of our days, and all of our tomorrows. There is so much more than all of this. Video Excerpts: Christine Cain, Francis Chan (IF:Gathering Conference 2021) Max Krinitsyn, “Hiking to Conundrum Hot Springs HD” Music referenced in this episode: Urban Rescue, “Take Me Back” (From the album: Listen Empty)

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