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Episode 138 (08/25/21): I recently had a dream, where the most beautiful of skies turned into a sky full of fire and terror. I don’t know why that as quick as a snap of a finger, we can go from being FULL of hope, joy, purpose, identity, confidence and strength... to EVERY color in our life fading, failing, and morphing into confusion, pain, and at times complete terror. Regardless if we find ourselves on the sands of Afghanistan, the hills of California, or bedridden in sickness; When our mental health fails… When our emotions complicate… When our logic flees… When we find ourselves abandoned in a strange land; WHAT can we cling to when clichés and crutches no longer hold us together…? Heavy heart, when these chaos comes, this is not the end. THIS IS NOT THE END! Podcast referenced in this episode: Jennie Allen, “Made For This” What's Happening in Afghanistan? Stories from Believers on the Ground with Jennie and Pastor X https://www.jennieallen.com/podcast Music referenced in this episode: Andrew Osenga, "Early in the Morning" (From the album: The Morning)

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