Keep It Clear. (Featuring: Judah Smith)


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Episode 127 (04/28/21): Sometimes the book of Revelation can be so overwhelming that it is avoided; however, there is so much in what John writes in the book of Revelation that brings clarity to our day to day life in light of eternity. Back in 2013, I heard sermon by the pastor Judah Smith entitled “Keep It Clear”. As of 2021, I can not find this sermon anywhere on the internet… yet thankfully, one of my old iPods preserved the audio to this message which quickly became one of the most impactful sermons I've ever heard in my life. May this message grip your heart as it did mine those many years ago. Jesus. In the chaos and confusion, help us keep it clear... Music referenced in this episode: One Sonic Society, "Burn" (From the album: Forever Reign)

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