Lessons in The Divine Curriculum of Depression, Grace, & Faith (Feat. Dr. Terry Powell)


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Episode 134 (06/16/21): Heavy heart, depression will NOT have the final word. The influence of Dr. Terry Powell in my life can not be stressed enough. I met Dr. Powell during my years of undergrad at Columbia International University, and I can say with confidence that he's had one of the biggest impacts not only in my life as a follower of Christ, and a lover of people, but has also impacted countless others through his 38+ years of faithfully pointing others to Christ despite his open battle with major clinical depression that he has known since childhood. Dr. Powell describes himself as "a fragile, desperate, bloodied soldier of Christ who marches with a limp”, and this statement truly is an understatement…. This episode is for all who recognize that they are weak, yet still cries out for more. Honestly, this episode is for everyone… every… single… person. Dr. Powell, your ongoing journey in vulnerability, compassion, and hunger for knowing Jesus more encourages and influences my own journey in more ways than I can express. To those who will watch or listen to this episode, may this conversation minister to you regardless of where today finds you. Heavy heart, you are not forgotten ... … There is a Life that outlasts the lies. To learn more about Dr. Terry Powell, feel free to check out his website below: https://www.penetratingthedarkness.com Music referenced in this episode: My Epic, "So Be It" (From the album: Ultraviolet)

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