CFC - 125 Dan Pulzello vs Jill Weiner


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UNDERCARD BATTLES: Kelly Taylor vs Nick Fierro Nic Crespo vs Doug Uram Joe Gorman vs Alex Davenport Riya Blunts vs Meka Mo MAIN EVENT: Dan Pulzello vs Jill Weiner JUDGES: Dalton Pruitt, Robbie Goodwin, Dave Sirus, Andre Kim OFFICIALS: Mark Henely, Niko Pav, Patrick Haggerty, Stephen Bolles DJ: Derick Gonzalez HOST: Matt Maran This episode was recorded on July 18th, 2021. This show is usually recorded LIVE at The Stand Comedy Club in NYC. Not in the NYC area? You can still watch Comedy Fight Club on youtube and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @comedyfightnyc If you want access to old episodes and bonus content subscribe to our Patreon page! Follow this week's battlers on Social Media: Kelly Taylor: @hellothisiskelly, Nick Fierro: @schtickfierro, Nic Crespo: @_nichead, Doug Uram: @douguram, Joe Gorman: @joewgorman, Alex Davenport: @alexdcomedy09, Riya Blunts: @cyb3rblunts, Meka Mo: @mekasocial, Dan Pulzello: @danpulzello, Jill Weiner: @jill_lives, Dalton Pruitt: @saltydalty69420, Robbie Goodwin: @robbiegoodwin, Dave Sirus: @davesirus, Andre Kim: @andrethecomedian, Mark Henely: @MarkHenely, Matt Maran: @RealMattMaran, Nikola Pavlovic: @IronicPunHere, Derek Gonzalez: @officiallyderickgonzalez, Patrick Haggerty: @patrickhaggertycomedy, Stephen Bolles: @stephenmclonghairbolles

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