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This week we review This Is Jinsy (Series 1 Episode 1)
This Is Jinsy started life as a pilot on BBC Three, but has now been turned into a full show by Sky.
The series follows Arbiter Maven (the 17th Arbiter and 'Wearer of the Hat') and Operative Sporall (nice hair and 'Wearer of the Beige Suit') as they keep a close eye on the 791 residents of Jinsy from the Great Tower in the parish of Veen.
Life on the island is rather Orwellian: each colourful member of the community is monitored by a surveillance system of tessellators, from local folk dribbler Melody Lane to weather monk Tracee Henge.
The tessellators include video cameras for surveillance, but also little screens to allow the residents to watch important island events, such as the tri-annual island cow wash (live from Glotters field). Additionally, they include a handy slot for paying fines, and a sphincter nozzle for product and pill downloads.
Notably, each episode of This Is Jinsy features a notable guest star actor. Some of the biggest names in comedy - from Stephen Fry to Olivia Colman have appeared in the show.
Written by Chris Bran and Justin Chubb.
Directed by Matt Lipsey
Produced by James Dean, Chris Carey and Margot Gavan Duffy.
A Welded Tandem Picture Company Production for Sky.
This Is Jinsy is available here: https://amzn.to/2XtJpMC
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