Nkechi Chibueze: New Orleans Blossom


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2021 Summer Vacation Series

Destination: New Orleans, Louisiana

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This week, Nkechi Chibueze sits down with Valerie Lopez to talk about how New Orleans was the first city she performed improv and found herself blossoming, a teacher's budget resulted in her watching lots of free comedy shows in NOLO before being voluntold to get on stage, and why she juggles careers of performer, teacher, photographer and graduate student.

Chibueze is an incredibly talented photographer. If you're in New Orleans seek her out. She's also got an incredible project she's working on - the Black Women of Comedy calendar. Keep an eye out for the release!

Want to know more about comedy in New Orleans, Louisiana?

Nkechi's recommendations for comics to check out from New Orleans include: Xander Bilyk, Amanda G, Keeda with a Q, Geneva Joy, Marcus Bond, Lane Lonion, Lane Sparkus, Rochelle McConico (and her alter ego Stangela), and Kamari Stevens.If you're in the New Orleans area, check out the comedy scene which is naturally inclusive, incredibly diverse, and will leave you laughing. Because so many shows are free in NOLA, Nkechi encourages audiences to tip comics or otherwise support performers financially.

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  • Funny but Make it Fashion show
  • Black Women in Comedy festival calendar - stay tuned!

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