Episode 181: Germana Belo


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We're joined by Germana Belo, co-writer of the award-winning, *very* sexy and sapphic web series RED, as well as a brand new series that she and Nicole wrote TOGETHER! Growing up in Brazil in the 1980s, Germana feared that the feelings she had for women (especially Brooke Shields...) were a sin, or even a curse. She talks about falling in love with her first therapist at the age of eighteen (classic!), and shares how to this day she often feels like she is "too gay to be bi, and not gay enough to be a lesbian" (also classic, sadly). Plus, we do an in-depth examination of queer storytelling, and Nicole and Germana share some *scintillating* details about their upcoming web series, As Love Goes!
Follow Germana on Twitter at @_germana, and on Instagram at @gebelo.
Follow "As Love Goes" at @aslovegoes_ on Instagram, and check out their fundraising campaign at www.indiegogo.com/projects/as-love-goes-season-1!

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