Arnaud Collery, Chief Happiness Officer


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Imagine if happiness was not just your personal mission in life, but you made it your career goal to spread happiness. Arnaud Collery is not just an expert in happiness, but is living this mission to make happiness a profession and a system in businesses and organizations. After a diverse career in finance, acting and film, Arnaud found his fulfillment by indoctrinating Chief Happiness Officers across the globe. Beyond teaching programs that create sustainable happiness for leaders and organizations, Arnaud is also reaching the masses through his event series, Standup for Passion. His TedX talks are a must-watch if you are interested in how we can begin to make happiness a measurable value for businesses and society.

At the time of filming this interview, Arnaud was living in NYC, but has since moved back to Bordeaux as he continues international events.

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Topics discussed in this conversation include:

  • Arnaud’s extraordinarily international life, beginning in Champagne

  • Where Arnaud believes needs the most happiness work

  • The personal tragedy in Arnaud’s personal life that was the catalyst for him becoming so engrossed in happiness

  • The least and most fulfilling parts of Arnaud’s diverse career

  • Gallup stat that “unhappy employees cost $450-$550 Billion in lost productivity per year

  • How corporations utilize Arnaud’s teachings as Chief Happiness Officers into their businesses

  • Are people meant to be happy all day every day?

  • Emotional Honesty

  • How Arnaud gets his nature fix at Ananda Ashram

  • Arnaud’s intentions and goals with Stand Up for Passion

  • Challenges vs Routines

  • How Arnaud measures success

  • Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness

  • The world’s evolution through Arnaud’s perspective

  • Valuable advice for entrepreneurs


Since 2014, Arnaud Collery has been working in the transformation space, both corporate and personal. He coaches c-suite teams and runs, a global platform on personal inspirational stories.

Arnaud has coached 1000+ stories ( 100+ teams, led 100+ workshops and trained 100+ Chief Happiness Speakers. 10 000 pp attended our events. 100 + speeches (3 Tedx, Harvard, Google, UN,..) Published author. Worked with.. United Nations, Dior, Cartier, Novartis, L'Oreal, Nestle, Danone, BMW, Careem. He now coaches the next generation of Chief Happiness Officers in his own training programs.

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