Ep. 65: *TOtaLlY ChOpPed* Walter Pearce


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Do they care about the freaks? Casting director Walter Pearce (Hood By Air) comes on to talk about the normalization of abnormality in fashion and culture in general. The outsider was dangerous, but now the outsider has become something different than what's prescriptive by weird AI corporate psychotechnology. The real cool people now have guns and live in the middle of America. We also discuss why there isn't really a language yet for what's going on (neoliberalism?), that you have to sort of invent your own neologisms to (ublilapse aka ubiquitous relapse, totally chopped) even parse the fragments of this new reality. This is the ultimate trend report, where swampcore is a *thing* for exactly 4 days. Conservative swamp americana kitsch, Balenciaga w/ Groypers...you better believe it.

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