Ep. 68 Revenge of the Unreal w/ Nicolas Hausdorf hour 1


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Writer / University Researcher Nicolas Hausdorf (Author of Superstructural Berlin) comes on to discuss authoritarian technocratic statecraft-apologists in academia and his new review of Benjamin Bratton’s book Revenge of The Real as well as the controversy surrounding Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben (and how he did nothing wrong) . How you can't really talk about reality while discounting historical forces like cryptography, getting quirked up, metaphysics, and the inconvenient truth of scientism's usage as a handmaiden for power.

Lutz Dammbeck: The Net: The Unibomber, LSD, and the Internet. UFO's, Social, Engineering, and Psychological Fragmentation. An old article for Vice where he says Wearables are bad and they altered the article to say he actually liked them.

Intro song: Absolute Unit Remix by Baddcitizen (RIPJEWELXXET) from the Spiral album and cues from Delivery LA

"Benjamin Button appears as part of a new breed of heavy-handed authoritarian leftists, who similar to creatures like Emmanuel Macron, deliver the New World Order top-down style and with a few meaningless quips against woke constructivism"

Extra bonus 30 minutes here

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