121 - Content Lessons We Learned From Lady Gaga


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We’ve just been to see Lady Gaga LIVE in Las Vegas! And boy, did she have us in the palm of her hand. Standing ovation after standing ovation as she made her way through some of the world’s most-loved Jazz songs.

The entire evening was a masterclass in how to create a connection to your audience, know your message and be unapologetically true to yourself.

We thought there were SO many lessons we could apply to our marketing and communications that we decided there were a “million reasons” (see what we did there!) to do a podcast episode sharing our top takeaways from this epic concert and this truly once in a generation performer (can you tell we had an amazing time!?). And don’t even get us started on the costumes… did we mention we LOVE her?

We also recorded a video version of this podcast, which you can check out on our Facebook Page. Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • What you can learn from George Gershwin about knowing when to follow the rules and when to innovate
  • How Lady Gaga handles failure and the brilliant reframe that can get you to success sooner
  • How she proved her promoters wrong with her Jazz shows and what we can take from that when it comes to our offers to our audiences
  • The one thing Lady Gaga did right at the start of her show that guaranteed her a standing ovation at the end of EVERY song and how we can use that same idea to encourage the behaviour we most want from our audience
  • The role of vulnerability in creating connection with our most ideal customers
  • Why we each need to pick up our own damn torches
  • And much more.

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