123 - 2019 Books For Content Marketers - Our Top Picks


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One of our most popular episodes was way back in 2017 when we shared some of our favorite books of the year… so we decided to do it again!

Between us we read a LOT of books and these are our TOP picks when it comes to content marketing books for 2019.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • The HerBusiness Book Club and why it’s one of Suzi’s favourite things What we’ve learned from Seth Godin (and the amazing way he was able to distil online marketing to just a few lines)
  • The book that had Michelle nodding every 5 minutes and spontaneously shouting “that’s right!”
  • How crafting memorable moments became one of our most memorable books of 2019
  • The one book Michelle used as a “manual” when revamping a client’s online course that resulted in more than double their goals being met
  • Some of the biggest myths about creating habits busted… and the book that revealed all
  • And much more.

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