127 - How to Use Content To Grow Your eCommerce Business


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When it comes to growing e-commerce stores, Susan Bradley of The Social Sales Girls knows her stuff. She’s grown and sold ecommerce businesses and has taught thousands of people how to find their audience and turn website traffic into paying customers. In this episode your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon, pick Susan’s amazing ecommerce brain for strategies for using content to grow your eCommerce business. Listen to this episode to hear more about:
  • The “go-to” lead magnet type all e-commerce businesses should have
  • How to use discount codes and coupons
  • The minimum number of visitors you need to your online store each month to make your marketing viable.
  • The place where 40% of your sales come from (not where you think)
  • Why your e-commerce lead generation content needs to be different to other business models
  • How to keep your content focused on the sale
  • The two biggest determinants of whether you will convert a prospects into a customer?
  • The importance of the frequency of your communications
  • Why you need to show the SAME content multiple times and in multiple places
  • How many times you need to get someone to visit your website on average before they buy (the answer might surprise you)
  • The specific and powerful strategy designed specifically for people who’ve visited your online store in the last 30 days that could double your sales
  • How Susan uses email automation to get more sales more often from the SAME customers
  • Tips for using SMS in your sales cycle
  • The role of Facebook Groups in getting more social proof and sales for your ecommerce store
  • The unusual way you can use Instagram Influencers to get sales
  • Susan’s #1 email marketing strategy
  • And much more.
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