132 - How To Create “Content Momentum” That Leads To Sales


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Content Momentum is the idea of keeping people in momentum from the point they first join your email list or click on your Facebook ad, or download your lead magnet, all the way to the point where they BUY from you.

The problem is, people often design marketing funnels where they are not thinking about momentum at all - they let leads and customers fall out of the process or they put unnecessary gaps, pauses or BLOCKS on their customers moving forward and buying from them.

In this episode your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon revisit a topic they talked about waaaay back in 2015 (Episode 11 The Step 2 Secret) and share how you can get and keep your leads and customers in momentum by always offering the next step (this concept might make sense to you but trust us, very few people really execute well on this!).

Listen to this episode to hear more about:
  • The easiest way to “kill” momentum and why you are probably doing this one thing right now in your marketing funnels
  • If you offer a free trial, do this to keep the momentum going and get more people signing up sooner for your paid product or service
  • The EXACT moment to keep people in momentum in your marketing (and the surprisingly easy way to do it)
  • The mindset shift you need to make to really embrace and create Content Momentum
  • Why it doesn’t matter if people consume your lead magnet or the step before… you STILL offer a next step (the reason why will have you rethinking your content strategy!)
  • What you can learn from Tarzan when it comes to creating content momentum and a higher converting funnel
  • Why the “Problem/Solution Dance” is key to creating and maintaining momentum and how to choreograph more of it in your marketing content
  • And much more.
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