143 - Why a “Boring” Content Strategy is a Great Content Strategy


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We’re not sure how often someone has decided naming their podcast with the word BORING in it is a good idea, but that’s exactly what we’re about today… you’ll hear us often talk about fabulous strategies and big ideas and new innovations, but today, we’re waving the flag for the often unsung benefits of doing the BORING stuff.

In this episode your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon celebrate the mundane… because while boring can be, well “boring”, it’s rarely praised when it comes to content marketing. But doing those mundane things that need to be done day in and day out is actually one of the most powerful things you can do in ANY aspect of your business and that includes your CONTENT MARKETING.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • What one of Michelle’s mentors taught her about the link between BORING and making a LOT of money
  • Why bright shiny marketing strategies can seem like fun but they will burn you out in the end
  • Why embracing “boring” does NOT mean being boring to your audience (and what it means instead)
  • The beauty of a well-optimised marketing funnel and why, even though it can be a monotonous job, it pays off big time
  • Why chasing the exciting is robbing you of the successful
  • Why you might be addicted to changing things and how that’s costing you customers, progress and results
  • What Jeff Walker says about why we get bored with our marketing before our customers do (and why that’s a trap)
  • The massively successful rinse and repeat business that generated millions of dollars for Suzi… and why boring was so profitable!
  • What the law of compound interest can teach you about effective content marketing
  • Why “boring is beautiful”
  • Three questions you can ask yourself to get off the content rollercoaster
  • The massive impact of having a ROUTINE and how it can change your business for the better, especially when it comes to your strategic content
  • And much more.

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