145 - Toot Your Own Horn, Dammit!


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In this episode, your hosts Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon chat about a topic that is near and dear to their hearts… it’s something they so regularly find themselves needing to support other women business owners to do… AND to remind themselves to do… that we they thought it was high time they did an episode on it.

Today’s topic is all about tooting our own horn.

Because here’s the thing… it’s been scientifically proven that women self-promote less than men do.

We’re far more likely to downplay and underestimate our value and achievements than men are.

In fact, in a Harvard Business Review study they found men rate their performances 33% higher than equally performing women do in multiple settings - confirming there really is a gender gap when it comes to self-promotion.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • The self-talk that holds us back from tooting our own horn (and what to say to ourselves instead)
  • Why YOUR horn tootin’ makes a difference to OTHER women business owners
  • What stopped Suzi sharing about her $10 million milestone and why that needed to change
  • How your Horn Tooting is like a volume dial and what you can do to increase it a few notches (and why you’re likely at a lower volume setting than you think you are)
  • Why phrases like “Don’t be a show off” that we learned from a young age are so insidious and keeping us from playing our best game in business and in life
  • How to reframe horn tooting from something to be ashamed of to something to be proud of
  • Three practical things you can to do feel more comfortable about tooting your own horn
  • And much more.

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