154 - #1 Lead Magnet Mistake


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Lead Magnets - we LOVE ‘em! When done well they can be the entry point for multi-million dollar campaigns. They are that “thin edge of the wedge” that you can use to introduce people to you and your products and services.

But when done badly they can be a time suck and even when they generate leads, if you’re making one very specific mistake, those leads are not likely to turn into sales. In today’s episode, your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon reveal what this #1 Lead Magnet Mistake is (and what you can do about it) so you can start getting more leads that turn into sales… and fast.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • Why this #1 mistake has NOTHING to do with the design, format or title of your Lead Magnet (and all the other things people get distracted by without doing ONE very important thing FIRST).
  • What the “Outside in” approach is and why it’s wasting your time
  • How this #1 Mistake showed up in Suzi’s webinars and what she did to fix it (and unleashed a flood of leads in the process)
  • When one lead magnet is better than multiple leads magnets (more is not always better)
  • The shocking surprise Suzi found in her lead magnet stats
  • Why you might want to can a lead magnet that’s generating you lots of leads
  • The missing lead magnet stat most people overlook
  • And much more.

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