157 - Lessons in Overdelivering from a Direct Marketing Legend


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Brian Kurtz is definitely an “OG” when it comes to Direct Response Marketing.

In addition to sending over 1 billion (with a “B”!) pieces of direct mail in his 40 year career, he’s also pioneered other platforms like TV infomercials, where he was responsible for buying media in excess of $80 million, selling over 3 million books via direct response television over a three year period.

He was instrumental in growing the publishing company, Boardroom, from a tiny operation to, at its height, over $157 million. Sending between 50 million and 200 million pieces of DIRECT MAIL a year - yes, BEFORE EMAIL when you used to have to pay to send anything to anyone…

He’s worked with the who’s who of the most amazing direct response copywriters and marketers who have ever lived - people like Dan Kennedy, Gary Bencievenga, Eugene Schwartz, Parris Lamprolous, Clinton Makepiece, Jay Abraham just to name a few.

To generate millions of dollars in sales and he pioneered many of the direct response strategies that we still see at play in modern online marketing today.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • How Brian was able to build a multi-million best-selling magazine that “nobody had heard of” that competed with the Wall Street Journal and Business Week… all by direct mail!
  • The 1980’s mail-list management techniques and philosophies that are STILL true today if you want to monetise and grow your list
  • The single most important philosophy you need when growing your business
  • The surprising way loving humanity can help you grow your influence, reach and income
  • What you REALLY need to know about your ideal client to reach them with your message
  • Lessons learned from sending 150 million pieces of direct mail a year
  • The mistakes most content marketers make that can be overcome with a bit of Direct Marketing 101
  • When to focus on the “sizzle” and when to focus on the “steak”
  • Brian’s 41, 39, 20 rule that will change the way you market forever
  • And much more.

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