163 - The NEW High-Converting Alternative to Online Courses with Will Hamilton


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Will Hamilton has sold literally millions and millions of dollars in online courses and education products in the tennis instruction niche. And when you bear in mind his products usually sell for less than $100 a pop, you quickly realise that’s a LOT of sales he’s made online!

So he knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. And for many years online courses were his primary breadwinner… He’s created tennis instruction programs with the likes of Wimbledon Champions Martina Navratalova and Aussie Pat Rafter and other tennis greats like Gigi Fernandez and the Bryant brothers. BUT… he discovered an amazing new alternative to online courses that he’s switched to providing for his market and it has been blowing up his results.

In today’s episode, your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon ask Will to share the ins and outs of this ground-breaking “Playbook” strategy.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • How Will went from a “hit and miss” approach with his online courses, to “constant winners” with his Playbook approach
  • The sure-fire way to overcome the “I don’t have enough time” objection from your customers
  • Why the “I haven’t finished the LAST course I bought” issue is getting bigger and how you can actually capitalise on that with Playbooks
  • How Will delivers continuous “5 minute wins” and what you can do to get more of that in your online products
  • Why the BIG win can actually be an obstacle to people buying from you and how smaller, super specific wins are proving to be super motivating when it comes to getting people to buy from you
  • The “GPS” method for discovering the core transformation and hook for your offer
  • And much more.

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