142 - Adding Digital Magazine To Your Content Strategy - With Dale Beaumont


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While print magazines are in decline, there ARE some amazing opportunities to add a DIGITAL magazine to your content strategy. In this episode your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon chat with innovative publisher and serial entrepreneur, Dale Beaumont, who is pioneering a very different, very modern take on the online magazine, known as www.mobimag.com, the world’s first made for mobile publishing platform.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • The limitations of “speaker” vs “publisher”
  • How you can become your own magazine publisher (and why you want to!)
  • The most important device of all that you need to be thinking of when considering an online magazine strategy
  • How the new era of content is more about “owning” media than “paying for” media
  • How to incorporate a digital magazine into your content strategy - even if you never thought you needed one!
  • Why this special type of magazine is way more than your old-fashioned idea of a mag… it’s also a container for your video, podcasts, event registrations and more
  • How to get 90-95% open rates for your online magazine and why that’s blowing email open rates (often just 10-25%) out of the water for engagement and opportunity
  • How Dale is using his 40,000 mobile phone numbers to create an entirely new revenue stream
  • How to crowdsource your magazine content
  • Why you don’t have to be the expert to be a best-selling publisher
  • How to use your online magazine to open the door on strategic partnerships and high level connections
  • Why your audience is like a bank account (and why you need to make deposits into that account first)
  • And much more.

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