The Fruit of Obedience (part 2)


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Obeying God can be so difficult—especially when that obedience involves sacrifice. We want to do what God has called us to, but how do we start, and not only start but follow through?

Today on the podcast we’re continuing this conversation on obedience and answering questions like:

—What is the price of disobedience?

—How do you keep a good attitude when obeying God?

—Why is willingness important in obedience?

—How does being a friend of God change your perspective on obedience?

—How do worship and obedience work together?

Obedience is foundational to our day-to-day walk with God and keeps us grounded exactly where we should be even in the hardest moments of our lives—in Him.

We hope this conversation empowers you to walk in obedience and experience a new intimacy in your relationship with God!

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