Ep 11: Annuities – What You Really Need to Know


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There’s a lot of confusion out there about annuities, probably because there are different types of annuities that do different things. So we’ll give you each of these types of annuities, you explain how they work and how they might be used in someone’s financial plan…

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0:36 – We’re taking precautions in the office as things begin opening back up.

1:29 – Why annuities cause some confusion.

2:44 – We see people who are overloaded in annuities, which is a problem.

3:40 – Let’s start with the immediate annuity.

6:08 – What is a Fixed Annuity.

7:33 – Example of a client that really likes fixed annuities.

10:15 – Variable Annuity

13:26 – Are you better off just being in mutual funds?

15:34 – Fixed Indexed Annuity

18:35 – What annuities do we typically use during the planning process?

20:56 – Anthony shares a case where he’s used annuities to help a client achieve their goals.

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