Ep 12: Are You Ready to Retire?


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The goal for all of us is to be able to retire at some point, but how do you know when you’re ready? Let’s take away some of that worry and concern by sharing the different types of people we work with and what it takes to get them to retirement.

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0:50 – Why this topic today?

1:13 – A lot of people reach retirement age but say they don’t want to retire. Why is this?

3:14 – When someone’s mind doesn’t line up with what’s on paper.

5:22 – It comes down to cash flow.

7:04 – Then there are people that want to retire but aren’t ready financially.

10:32 – A lot of the answer to this depends on what you want in retirement.

11:45 – Have you ever told someone they need to work longer?

12:43 – We have tools to show you financial simulations.

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