Ep 5: The Five Pillars – Health Care Planning


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Our Cornerstone Retirement Blueprint Process is focused around 5 key pillars of retirement planning designed to help our clients achieve the retirement they have always dreamed of. On this episode, we’ll explain the fourth pillar in our process: healthcare planning.

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1:11 – Let’s start with the elephant in the room.

1:43 – This is why we include this step in our five pillars.

2:36 – How prepared is the average pre-retiree is for handling healthcare costs in retirement?

4:05 – Unexpected healthcare expenses weigh the heaviest.

6:13 – Whether you realize it or not, you already have a long-term care plan.

7:04 – Story about a client in Florida.

8:21 – What’s your general advice to someone about buying some form of care?

8:54 – What strategies do you put in place to account for these costs in retirement?

11:54 – It’s purpose planning to protect you and your family.

13:19 – Will Medicare cover your long-term care needs?

14:09 – Who can help with Medicare planning?

15:47 – If you are unsure about your Medicare benefits or long-term care planning, get in touch with us.

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