Ep 7: How to Find the Right Financial Advisor


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The relationship with a financial advisor is one that you need to feel comfortable with and have trust in. How do you find the right person? A lot of people can do a good job for you but we’ll explain the qualities and characteristics you absolutely need from an advisor.

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0:58 – Why are we talking about this topic?

1:43 – What kind of services should your advisor be providing you?

4:01 – Is it important that your advisors know many different areas of investing?

6:43 – An important law Nevada passed recently.

8:37 – Are there any signs that you might need a new advisor?

10:49 – Accumulating wealth and distributing that wealth are two different phases of planning.

14:42 – What can go wrong if you work with the wrong advisor for too long?

16:28 – What gets you to retirement isn’t going to get you through retirement.

17:20 – How can you determine if an advisor has the right philosophy and approach?

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