Ep 8: Understanding the 3 Worlds of Money


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When it comes to investing, there are three primary places to contribute your money based on your goals and your risk tolerance. We call these the three worlds of money and today we’ll break down each of them for you.

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0:48 – Why we’re talking about the three worlds of money.

1:28 – Here are the three worlds.

2:27 – World 1: Banking – what are the best uses?

4:45 – What we call ‘Dry Powder’

6:08 – The pros and cons to the banking world.

7:13 – World 2: Wall Street

8:07 – The market moves up and down, but does it stay down?

8:43 – Cons of the market

12:01 – Why being overleveraged can create problems.

14:06 – World 3: Insurance – best of both worlds

16:41 – Understanding the three worlds helps you know what kind of investor you are.

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