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Get ready to laugh! We had the pleasure of chatting with the Holderness family on Couple Things this week and it was an absolute joy. We talked about how they shifted into the creator world, if there are boundaries on what they share online and the unseen truth about the broadcasting and gymnastics world.

0:00 introduction

4:12 everybody fights audiobook

6:35 advice from their experience

11:46 establishing roles and getting help

14:21 transitioning from news to youtube

16:22 creating with your spouse

19:24 what is too much to share online?

24:16 is it possible to overshare feelings?

28:16 most proud accomplishment

33:03 the fear of diving into a new career

36:16 being an introvert vs extrovert

39:28 favorite tv shows

41:31 the truth about harassment in broadcasting

46:40 speaking out about sexual assault

50:27 navigating mental health

53:20 supporting your spouse

55:05 what they love most about each-other

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