1 Prediction That Came True


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Episode 13 (The lucky one).

Welcome again to the CraigMarty.com podcast.

This is a quick episode for business owners who love to stay up to date and read or watch information on new tech and new gadgets and things like that.

My point here is that it’s usually a black hole for your time and effectiveness.

If you’re a mechanic and you need to know what the new specifications for the new motor Ford are releasing this year, that’s different. That’s not what I’m talking about on this episode.

Press *PLAY* now and tune in.


Question for you: Have you ever spent $50 - $100 or maybe even more on Facebook Ads, but never got a real customer from it? Yes?

Maybe you got a couple of likes...but likes don't pay you money.

When Facebook Ads become available, I started trying to get some leads and sales on there too...but I didn't get it work for a loooong time.

Fast forward to 2021 and I've written a book on it. See the book and the details of what comes with it HERE >

Talk soon,

Craig Marty



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