1747: Facebook Whistleblower, Inflation Hotel & Airlines, Market Profile of Florida, IRR Internal Rate of Return


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Today Jason talks to his local market specialist for Florida as they discuss the current market trends, a few case studies and some really interesting property opportunities. He also gives a brief description of the billion dollar WORLD EQUESTRIAN CENTER, in Ocala, Florida where Jason's Empowered Investor conference participants visited as part of the property tour around Ocala.

They also talk about the IRR or internal Rate of Return, and how important it is to have a basic understanding of this as income property investors, being the main metric when evaluating real estate deals.

But before that Jason is in Snowbird Utah and talks about 2 good things on his birthday! "FakeBook" and Leaf Blowers! He has also been invited to speak in a $15,000 conference in Utah and is asking what he should talk about! Got any ideas? Do let him know! He also shares his thoughts on inflation as manifested in the service industry like hotels and airlines!

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