1748: The "I" Word, Hartman Comparison Index, Rental Cars, Home Mortgage, Haircuts, Inflation Induced Debt Destruction, America a Renter Nation


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Greetings from Snowbird, Utah! Today Jason talks about the "I" word as he prepares for his trip to his old home state of Arizona, and gets shocked at the rental car prices in Phoenix- just like in the rest of the country! He also takes a hypothetical 1 Million dollars and applies the "I" word through his "Inflation Induced Debt Destruction" and see what home mortgages would look like using different indexes and through decades- from Jimmy Carter to Stanley Kubrick's 2001 Space Odyssey to today. He then talks about haircuts versus the median priced home using his Hartman Comparison Index.

And, based on the latest numbers available, guest Ashley Slater posits the question, "Is America turning into a renter nation?"

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