71 - Sekai Machache


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A multidisciplinary artist based in Dundee. Although she produces work in many forms, Sekai’s often works with photography and has created a signature dark style in subject matter and aesthetic. I ask Sekai about where she thinks her style originated from and how difficult it is to take photos when you are the subject matter. It leads to chat about the nature of collaboration and when someone goes from being an assistant to a true collaborator. I've always found it much more rewarding and valuable to collaborate with others who have a different skill set. Although you develop work together, it makes separating and defining roles much easier. collaborations are much more complex when you have overlapping skill sets with areas where multiple parties want ownership of certain areas. It's no secret that black artists in Scotland are underrepresented and need more opportunities to make their voices heard. Sekai reveals how she found it hard to connect with other black people when she moved to Dundee for several reasons but for her, becoming part of things like the Yon Afro Collective has been a big step forward. The Yon Afro Collective is a Black-led collective for women of colour in Scotland. They exist to challenge mis/under-representation, improve visibility and centre their experiences. Sekai recently exhibited a body of work with the collective as part of the Glasgow International Festival, in the Govanhill Baths. This leads us on to talking about the nature of traditional galleries and how there should be more spaces to show artwork that are less intimidating and more informal. If you do nothing else I'd urge you to visit Sekai's website to see her work. Along with Mathew Dowdall she has also set up the FFN Podcast exploring black and queer culture you can listen to it here: https://ffnpodcast.co.uk Sekai's Website - http://sekaimachache.com/ Sekai's twitter - https://twitter.com/SekaiMachache Sekai's podcast - https://ffnpodcast.co.uk/podcast/ Jill Todd Award - http://www.jilltoddphotoaward.com/ Stills gallery - https://stills.org/ Street level photo works - http://www.streetlevelphotoworks.org/ YON Afro - https://twitter.com/yonafro?lang=en

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