Generosity Is Infectious with Artist Support Pledge founder - Matthew Burrows MBE


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Artist Matthew Burrows MBE started the #Artist Support Pledge initiative when the pandemic first hit in March 2020, he and his family hoped it would reach 1,000 participants, he didn’t imagine it would generate 70 million pounds! Matthew has won lots of awards last year but I’m sure his proudest moment was receiving an MBE at the Queens Honours.

The concept of the artists pledge is straightforward: artist are invited to post pictures of their work for sale for £200 or less on Instagram using hashtag #artistsupportpledge. Every time an artist makes £1,000 in sales, they in turn pledge to spend £200 on work by another participating artist. There are no third parties, payments are made directly from artists to artists.

Listen in to hear Matthews true core values, motivations and beliefs on philosophy's and community's.

Mathews Takeaways

1.Everyone should feel they have access to creativity and the arts.

2.Intellect, Feelings and spirit shouldn’t be taken apart and seen as separate entities.

3.It’s about how we live our lives and what kind of world we create as individuals, it’s no one else’s job, take ownership of how you’re showing up each day and if it matches your core values.

4.Write down what you can offer and bring to the table and refer to it daily

5.Give yourself permission to do it messy and make mistakes

6.Having a mentor group, a safe space to sound out your ideas is vital for your creative business

7.A supportive community helps feed and develop your creative business. Give people the opportunity to support each other and the means and system they will use it. As humans we thrive in villages.

8.It's a good sign if you feel slightly nervous about putting your art out into the World- it means it’s a new uncertain territory new! Trust that uncomfortable feeling need to change your money mindset to one that’s more comfortable asking for money, get your art, shift it by saying it’s not an exchange for time, it’s a gift you’re putting out into the world which then gives back and the energy goes on!

(Photos credited to Jonathan Bassett)

(Images of Matthew drawings on ASP credited to Matthew Burrows Studio)

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