How to stay Stay truthful to your vision and goals, living between Bali and LA - Nova Zef


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Artists Nova Zef is a true creative visionary, she’s a trained professional dancer from New York, now living between Bali and L.A Nova, is a vocalist and creative mind behind the NY band Pendulum people, she’s a spoken word artist, a writer, and has the fashion label Tooky Tooky. Nova has performed at large festivals; she’s created staging for shows and she navigates all of this with travel too. You’re going to love hearing Nova’s story and the mindset she has.

Nova’s Takeaway's

1.The big bold exciting gigs don’t come without struggle and compromise

2.Other people’s words and opinions are just that. They shouldn’t define you. The true power is in carrying on.

3.Be the audience or the student and take in everything, having that different perspective is huge

4.When you’re stood on that stage, In that scary exhibition, opening and you feel wobbly or scared, trust See your inner gift imagine it as a light and visualise it.

5.Trust that you have value and you’re gifting the world.

6.We are all stuck on the internet we are all craving soul and connecting

7.Watch out for social media, if you’re not feeling inspired and instead triggered then turn Instagram off, put your phone upstairs the night before a creative day so you’re not having hundreds of negative distractions and self-doubt.

8.Stay truthful to your vision and goals.

9. Being multi passionate is a gift, yes its a lot of work but it's important to keep on re addressing and aligning.

10. Keep working on your good mental space, on knowing beliveing and working hard.

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