Jeff Yu: VR Artist at Pulseworks


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This amazing interview was recorded just before we had to take a break last year. Jeff is one of the most dynamic guests we have had to date. He has over ten years of multimedia design experience. He works in 2D and 3D visual development for concept art/design in games, animation, and film. His body of work features a wide range of visual styles from manga/comic illustrations to photorealistic matte compositions. He has an incredible breadth of knowledge about the application of AR and VR Arts for games, attractions, and therapeutic methodologies/technologies. He finished a double major at SCAD in Sequential Art AND Animation, and is currently completing a business degree. On top of ALL that he’s also the Business Director of ASIFA-South. This guy stays BUSY! Please enjoy this fantastic and packed interview. For more info follow the links below.

Jeff’s Web Presence:


IAAPA (convention)


3D Modeling:



Zbrushcore Mini (Formerly Sculptris)



Nolan Woodard (Comic Book Artist and Former Professor of Sequential Art at SCAD-Atlanta)


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