S3 Ep5 'How Do I Know What is True?' (SERMON ONLY VERSION)


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'How Do I Know What Is True?'
Sermon Only Version
Season Three - Episode Five
Welcome to the worlds only (as far as we know) horror themed church service. You are most welcome, no matter what your belief.
This is the Sermon Only Edition. If you want the FULL SERVICE, featuring an interview with psychic pipsqueak from Stranger Things, Eleven, then check out www.creepycove.com to find the full version.
For the sermon we are joined by a special guest speaker. Jonny Mellor is one of the leaders at a church in Birmingham. He’s a hip hop artist and works helps run Sputnik Faith and Arts, which is a network of Christian artists. He will talk to us on the nature of reality, and asking how might we know what is real and true.
The multi-talented Mellor then tilts his speaking mike on a slightly funkier angle, so he can spit out some bad-assed rhymes, for is also a 'rap artiste', who brings us this week's Horror Hymn...'Truth Machine'
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