S 3 Ep 4 PT 2 COVID-19: Life Under Lockdown


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In an effort to document the unique Zeitgeist of the COVID-19 pandemic, Crossing the Divide has created a limited video series, Life Under Lockdown, where we interview individuals, businesses and organizations impacted by a society in limbo while the battle against an insidious disease rages all around us. How has a life under lockdown altered our realities and how will it continue to shape human existence moving forward?
To keep our podcast listeners occupied while we channel efforts toward this video endeavor, we are releasing the audio track from this video, recorded via Zoom and available in video format on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.
Episode 2: Pets and Pandemics features Roice-Hurst HumaneSociety Executive Director Anna Stout sharing insights into how the shelter's team mobilized for Colorado's Stay at Home order; why COVID-19 was on their radar months ago; and how the coronavirus pandemic could revolutionize the shelter system, an outdated concept designed to remove unwanted pets from city streets more so than assuring animals' long term health and well-being.

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