EP #345 The Tactics to Raise $478,904 on WeFunder | Chisos


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If you haven't yet heard, equity crowdfunding is revolutionizing the entrepreneurial landscape.

My goal with this podcast has always been education. And with platforms like WeFunder making a significant emergence into the equity crowdfunding space, I want to be sure to talk with the creators that are quite literally inventing the wheel.

That's why in this episode I've sat down with the creators of Chisos, a company that is democratizing entrepreneurship through alternative early-stage financing for overlooked and under-represented entrepreneurs such as women- and minority-led businesses.

I really enjoyed this conversation, and I expect you'll feel the same. I came away with tons of great insights into running an equity campaign that comes away with a big haul, and I'm excited to pass that knowledge off to you.

Ready to learn more about WeFunder and what it can do for your startup dreams?

Enjoy the episode!

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