EP #346 The System to Raise $1,015,000 on WeFunder from 2,560 Investors | Black Sands


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Here’s the deal — equity crowdfunding platforms such as WeFunder are taking over the entrepreneurial landscape.

In 2020, the industry saw 105% growth, raising $214.9M in seed funding in exchange for equity from the crowd. And WeFunder was responsible for about a third of all money raised with $70.9M.

Equity crowdfunding isn’t going away. 2021 is on pace to shatter the industry records set in 2020. If you’re not on the equity train yet, it’s time you hopped on!

Today’s podcast episode is especially exciting because I’m talking with the creators of a seven-figure WeFunder campaign in Black Sands — a company that is breaking decades of marginalization in the entertainment industry through highlighting underserved voices.

Any time a campaign pulls in a million bucks, there are major insights to be discovered. I extract them all while talking with some incredible founders, and I know that you’re going to have a ton of fun and learn a lot!

Enjoy the listen.

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