Jon Acuff and "Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking"


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The Crown Council was first introduced to Jon Acuff by Crown Council member Dr. Dennis Wells who takes care of Jon’s oral health. At the Annual Event in Nashville in 2015 where he presented to us about his book “Do Over.”

Then 3 years later he returned to the Annual Event stage to share his presentation about his next book “Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done”. That is a rare feet - getting on the stage of the Annual Event twice put you into a pretty elite club.

Now, we are on to Jon’s new book “Soundtracks” The Surprising Solution to Overthinking” It’s already a New York Times Bestseller (after two weeks) which is an amazing accomplishment considering Jon hasn’t been doing live events because of the Corona Virus.

Jon is also a New York Time best selling author of 6 other books and if you follow Jon on Social Media you will find an inspiring blend of humor, honesty and hope. And he is killing it in the social world with 300,000 Twitter followers, 187,000 Facebook followers and 125,000 Instagram Followers.

Jon loves Snowbird and skiing which connects us in a very special way. Steve and I grew up shredding on the hills of Snowbird in Utah. I also learned listening to the audio version of Soundtracks that he wears his Snowbird t-shirt almost daily. Kudos.

But...and this the end of the introduction as an FYI at the last Annual Event in Nashville (2020) we hosted and planned the “Gift of Music” benefit concert at the historic Ryman Auditorium. This is a concert that host in conjunction with our Annual Event whenever we go to Nashville and he not only shared the stage with Dolly Parton but introduced and opened for her - dream come true status unlocked!

Jon has his own podcast called “All It Takes Is a Goal” that teaches many of the principles we will talk about today, but one thing that will make today special is our own special application of the “Soundtrack” principles to a dental office. We are hoping to help you make sure your dental practice’s culture, which is a collection of agreed upon soundtracks, is setting you up for success.

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