143: Letting Go of What People Think (with Lisa Funk)


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Have you ever stopped to think about what holds you back from trying new things? We fully believe in the importance and power of having a creative outlet and also acknowledge that there can be so many outside influences that keep us from exploring those activities. We’re so honored to be joined this week by hand-lettering guru, podcaster, and promoter of mindful creativity, Lisa Funk, as we discuss the benefits of incorporating creativity into our daily routine. Lisa shares so much inspiration and encouragement for how we can let go of the perception of other people’s expectations and invite more creativity back into our lives. SPONSOR: Sign up for the FREE online mini course “My Modern Story” at [https://classroom.beckyhiggins.com/](https://classroom.beckyhiggins.com/). SHOW NOTES: Listen to Episode 114: Cultivating Better Connection with Brooke Romney [here](https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/114-cultivating-better-connection-with-brooke-romney/id1438937435?i=1000493913472). The TED Talk “Leading the Doodle” can be viewed [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDTeRZ4vGYU). Connect with Lisa! Instagram: @handlettereddesign / Facebook: Handlettereddesign / Website: [handlettereddesign.com](http://handlettereddesign.com/) / Podcast: Committed to Create FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @BeckyHigginsLLC and @BeckyProudfit. THANKS FOR THE LOVE! Love the podcast? Please share with your friends, tag us in your Instagram stories, and leave a review on iTunes!

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