Welcoming DACA Students as Museum Workers with Marimar Gutierrez


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On this episode, Marimar Gutierrez speaks to me about her experience as a DACA student and museum worker. We discuss the ways museums can be welcoming to young people like her, what the atmosphere has been like in the museum galleries since the 2016 election, how we can’t deny ourselves the feeling of fear, and what steps she has taken to ensure her family is informed and prepared in the case of deportation.

Marimar is a college student who has interned at the National Museum of Mexican Art for nearly two years. One of her goals is to transfer to a four year university to study education and communications. She enjoys being able to do a little bit of everything at the museum, including teaching public and school tours, leading programs for young learners, and creating radio with Yollocalli Arts Reach, the museum’s youth initiative.

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