Addressing Hormone Imbalances 101 with Real Life Examples


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In this episode, Cassandra is talking about one of her FAVORITE subjects - Hormones! When it comes to addressing a hormone imbalance, there can be a lot of questions: what do I do? Should I take a supplement? Can this really be resolved? What does it mean? And beyond.

In this episode you’ll hear Cassandra’s approach to hormone imbalances that she uses in her wildly successful program Period Reboot, including:

  • What role hormones play in the body
  • The first step in understanding your symptoms
  • How to trace your symptoms to specific hormones
  • When hormone testing comes into play
  • PLUS! She gives real life examples of students that experienced low progesterone and excess estrogen and what her guidance looked like in each case
  • And more!

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We cannot wait to welcome you in on September 13th!!!!

Period Reboot will help you:

  • Understand what your symptoms mean and how to approach them
  • take targeted action to your hormone and period imbalances
  • Rebalance after hormonal birth control
  • Support your body to ovulate consistently
  • Learn how to track your cycle, understand what your temperatures mean and read your chart
  • Support your period in coming more consistently
  • Understand how to reduce period pain
  • Reduce exposure to estrogens in your environment
  • Feel empowered in your approach to symptoms like PMS, fatigue and period problems
  • And so much more!

The waiting list for Period Reboot is HERE -

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