Ayurveda and Cyclical Health with Jema Lee


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In this episode, Cassandra welcomes Jema Lee to the podcast! In this deep dive around period health and ayurveda, Jema shares her wisdom about doshas, ayurveda and cyclical healing. Ayurveda is an ancient life science that's rooted in thousands of years of wisdom. Jema does a powerful job connecting this ancient science to women's cyclical health. In this episode they talk about:
  • what ayurveda is and what doshas are
  • how ayurveda plays into the menstrual cycle
  • how dosha labeling can be inaccurate
  • creating flow and flexibility in ayurveda
  • how women move through different doshas throughout the day
  • where the wisdom of surrender comes in
  • how a vata imbalance may manifest cyclically / physically
  • how fiery pitta can show up as an imbalance
  • how kapha in balance helps us avoid mood swings and PMS
  • Jema's favorite ayurvedic principles she incorporates
  • and more!
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Jema Lee’s a menstrual cycle expert, qualified Ayurvedic coach, and the creator of Wellsome. For 13 years, she’s helped guide women in over 22 countries to embrace their monthly cycles and deepen body awareness through personalised coaching, online courses, retreats & workshops.

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