Embodiment and Setting Sacred Boundaries with Amy Natalie


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This week Cassandra welcomes the amazing Amy Natalie to deep dive into people pleasing, finding joy, living in embodiment and how to artfully create sacred boundaries. This conversation is POTENT, friends!

In this episode together they talk about: -Amy's story and her journey through attempting to follow the mold, to finding her passion, divorce, travel and beyond -Amy's health journey with digestive concerns, hormone health and more -people pleasing and where this ingrained belief really comes from -what it means to live from a place of embodiment vs. people pleasing -ideas for embodiment practices -what to do if you have a resistance to setting boundaries -how to set sacred boundaries in your life -how to speak your sacred no -entrepreneurship and boundaries -and... a beautiful practice with Amy to help you know your YES and NO

Amy Natalie is an intuitive mindset and empowerment coach for female leaders and entrepreneurs. She supports women to overcome their limiting beliefs and fear-based patterns in business and relationships so that they can rise to greater levels of leadership and success.

Amy is also the host of the Feminine Frequency Podcast where she shares guest interviews and intuitive flow episodes to empower women all around the globe.

Connect with Natalie: www.amynatalieco.com www.instagram.com/amynatalieco Grab her FREE Morning Ritual: www.amynatalieco.com/morningritual

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